Our origins

In 1857 Mr. Ignacio Uranga and his wife Nicolasa Montaner bought 5000 hectares (about 12.350 acres) of land, 25 miles south of Rosario city, crossed by the Pavon Stream, which was its natural watering source. They sent their children to work there, and began breeding sheep.

Due to the fact that this land was not completely free from Indians, the perils of possible thefts demanded the construction of a house with a watchtower, strong iron gratings and heavy axe-carved doors.

The walls were built 50 cm thick, with bricks settled in mud. Today the weapons used in those days to defend the family and their possessions, can be seen hanging over the fireplace.

Later on, cattle replaced sheep and in 1912 farming activities began with Italian settlers as manual labor.

Around 1930 the company bought Estancia Las Playas, in Cordoba Province.

During the 1960’s the company started carrying out the sowing of land, rotating with pastures and steer fattening.

In the 1990’s the application of direct sowing techniques began, becoming a permanent agricultural system.

In 2000, dairy production was started in Las Playas. In June 2011 this activity was discontinued in order to redirect more properly resources into trading specialties and accomplishing Agro Uranga’s main objectives.

In November 2003, a devastating twister whipped Ea. San Nicolas, causing a lot of damage, testing the temperament and recovering strength of Agro Uranga’s directors and employees.

In November 2007, we celebrated the first 150 years of active participation in agribusiness. At that time a lot of people from different places and periods came all together to join this celebration such as shareholders, suppliers, customers and friends.

During May 2009, due to a research and production agreement with Crop Development Center, from Canada, we import for testing several varieties of Canadian green peas with the main target of improving quality offered to our clients. From that year until nowadays we keep on importing different kinds of seeds in order to maintain on this advanced technique.

In 2010, following main decision of extend business abroad it became a reality Agro Uranga Uruguay. This new branch is capable of making new contracts with producers, processing and exporting grains with same quality, efficiency and professionalism that it’s being done from Argentina.

In 2011 we installed an Aapresid-field (Argentinean association of Direct sowing producers) with main target of improving environmental uses and sustentability.

In January 2012 we opened a new storage plant for special products with a 10,000 MT capacity. New systems installed allows to operate it with 100% safety and low manpower required. Also, automatic air systems and good treatment of grains designs let us reach to a much better produced quality.

Organization development. In accordance to exponential growth in production and exportation business and having contracted young professionals for all multiples activities, in April 2012 we started working on a new organization chart distributing functions in 6 main departments.

In June 2012, we make first solidary “Chocleada” at Idiazabal community (more information in “news”).

New markets. Dated on August 2013, our company sold first Argentinean Popcorn container to Popular Republic of China. Until that date it was an unexplored market for our country and as a result of our commercial team efforts we have opened a wide new range of possibilities.

Nowadays we are main exporters of Popcorn to United States of America.

At present time, with our own foreign trade team, we are dedicated to add new products, and significantly increase our volume of exportation, encouraged by the rising demand for our goods.

Leading company

In the heart of Argentine pampas, Agro Uranga is the leading agricultural company engaged in the production, classification and distribution of grain and food.

It has 160 years of trajectory in national and international markets, with a continuous growth despite of the economic policies that have a daily effect on the rural production in Argentina and the rest of the world.

65% of the company belongs to Uranga’s family, and the balancing 35% to Cresud, a leading company in land exploitation in Argentina.

Agro Uranga optimizes the use of productive processes, achieving maximum productivity, collecting excellent results, focusing on soil conservation, reasonability of the techniques applied and environment protection.

The 40% of AGRO URANGA’s agricultural turnover comes from special products, mainly popcorn, green peas, chickpeas and lentils, among others. The balancing 60% comes from commodities.

The people

Chairman: Ignacio Francisco Uranga
Vice Chairman: Carlos Uranga (h)
Director: Javier Roca
Director: Felipe Uranga
Director: Federico Uranga
Director: Dr. Saúl Zang
Director: Alejandro Elsztain
Titular Receiver: Emiliano Di Bona
Substitute Receiver: Luis Oddone
Executive Staff
CEO: Ignacio Uranga
General Manager: Carlos Uranga (h)
Administration and Finance Manager: Claudio Duduchark
Purchasing Manager: Jorge Staffolani
Agricultural Production Manager: Pablo Uranga
Industrial Production Manager:  Alejandro Corbella
Specialty crops Trader: Federico Arostegui
Commodities Trader: Miguel A. Di Vita
Quality Assurance: Graciela Stelatto
Ricardo Alsina