Technology-Based Production

Agro Uranga carries out its production activities using the most modern techniques available.

  • Direct sowing: Since 1998 Agro Uranga manages all its production with this system, being full , consulting and experimental member of AAPRESID (Direct Sowing Argentine Association.)

  • Precision agriculture: The use of this modern technique, which bases its development in satellite monitoring of plantation, fumigation, fertilization and harvest , allows a perfect adjustment of the inputs, minimizing its use, preserving the environment.

  • Experimental net: Agro Uranga takes part systematically in the private experimental nets of the sanitary and productive aspects of crops.

  • ISO 9001 - 2008: The production, reception, storage, clasification, packaging, shipping and comercialization of our grains and products are certified by the ISO 9001 Quality Norm.

  • Traceability: All Agro Uranga‚Äôs exportation goods are traceable.