The sustainable agricultural practices of AgroUranga seek to integrate three main objectives in their agricultural processes: healthy environment, economic profitability and social and economic equity.

All the people involved in the agricultural production system play a role to guarantee the sustainable agricultural system of AgroUranga.

Agro Uranga maintains the sustainability of the production, through the certification of the following Quality Management Systems and Evaluations:

  • AC (Certified Agriculture): Quality management system certified by AAPRESID (QMS) that has continuous improvement practices based on Direct Sowing. The implementation of the environmental and productive QMS implies the use of precise, profitable and sustainable agricultural practices, aligned to ensure sustainable production and even achieve environmental improvements.

  • RTRS - RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production: It is a Quality Management System that demonstrates the continuous focus of soybean production improvement. This system allows AgroUranga to certify: Legal Compliance, Good Commercial Practices, Responsible Labor Conditions, Responsible Community Relations, Environmental Responsibility and Good Agricultural Practices.

  • SAI: It is an agricultural sustainability assessment system developed by the Members of the SAI Platform to ensure the sustainability and continuous improvement of the agricultural products that AgroUranga commercializes in order to satisfy the real demand produced in a sustainable way by the main companies of food and drinks.