Estancia San Nicolás

Located in Santa Fe province, at 45 km from Rosario Port and at 300 km from Buenos Aires Port.

Its soil is apt for all kinds of grain production, allowing adequate land rotation and moderation of climate risk.

Nowadays this farm produces special commodities like popcorn, green peas and lentils, among others.

Pioneer in the use of the direct sowing system, applied since the early 90’s, and found today all over the farm surface.

The application of the mentioned technique, together with other technological updates, such as genetic improvements and adjusted fertilizing, allows the company to have consistent increasing yields.

San Nicolás has a grain storing plant with a capacity of 24.000 tons, and another process plant with a capacity of  100 tons per day.

The offices used as Central Administration are also located in San Nicolás.

Glicina (Chinese Wisteria) at San Nicolás in a rainy day