Leading Company

In the heart of Argentine pampas, Agro Uranga is the leading agricultural company engaged in the production, classification and distribution of grain and food.

It has 160 years of trajectory in national and international markets, with a continuous growth despite of the economic policies that have a daily effect on the rural production in Argentina and the rest of the world.

65% of the company belongs to Uranga’s family, and the balancing 35% to Cresud, a leading company in land exploitation in Argentina.

Agro Uranga optimizes the use of  productive processes, achieving maximum productivity, collecting excellent results, focusing on  soil conservation, reasonability of the techniques applied and environment protection.

The 40 % of AGRO URANGA's agricultural turnover comes from  special products, mainly popcorn, green peas, chickpeas and lentils, among others.

The balancing 60% comes from commodities.